David’s Story

Learn more about how Mulberry House staff helped David with vascular dementia

David had been served notice on previous placements due to escalations in challenging  behaviour where he physically and verbally  attacked staff and wouldn’t allow basic personal care interventions. He had a diagnosis of vascular dementia following a stroke, but was sectioned under the mental health act and hospitalised and had spent many months entirely bed bound, not undertaking any basic care and required a 2:1 staff presence for all interventions.

David had no triggers to these behaviours recorded or established and no techniques implemented to try and reduce the occurrences. He was carefully assessed, taking into account his bio-psycho and social needs and a plan of care that would suit his individual needs was developed by staff within Mulberry House.

Since David’s admission, he is fully engaged with staff, undertakes personal care and showers daily with staff, dresses in clothes and enjoys taking part in communal activities daily. Staff have successfully identified triggers to the behaviours and there have been no incidences of aggression.

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Want to know more?

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